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We specialise in energy medicine. From old remedies that have been overlooked in favour of high tech drug therapy to space age technology, we are in the age of the 'possible' where new understanding gives hope and encouragment to all who look beyond the old paradigms.
Based in the south of England between the downs and the sea, we aim to provide natural health solutions for the new millennium.

Richard has spent much of his life researching and using leading edge, non invasive, natural technologies that accelerate healing. Together with a dedicated band of like minded individuals around the globe our mission is to question everything in the quest for a greater knowledge of energy and 'things that really work' - therapies that can benefit us all.

Meet the team:

richard_cumbers.jpg Richard Cumbers – Advisor , Training , Marketing

Kathryn_Remington.jpg Dr Kathryn Remington MD - Advisor, Training

Rob_Esser.jpg Dr Rob Esser – Advisor, Training

anthony_hughes.jpg Anthony Hughes - Advisor, Training , Sales

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein