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Cosmetology 1 day workshop

Cosmetology 1 day workshop
Price: £145.00 Ex VAT: £120.83
Cosmetology 1 day workshop.

 How do we get healthy skin,
skin fields of the body, reciprocal areas for the face,meridians / channels, detoxification protocols, drainage techniques.
 Food and nutrition for health / skin, enzymes, vitamins, pro-biotics, essential oils, relaxation and meditation, products to accelerate anti-aging.
Scenar techniques for non-surgical face lift, applicable to Pain Genie Scenar and Pro device, probes – face probe, Y probe, cosmetology probe, zero point -
 energy – wanding techniques with Scenar,
low level laser – techniques with Scenar, TMB Healing blankets and wraps.

 Demonstration non surgical face lift, applying techniques, self treatment, treating others.