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Scenar FAQ

The true seeker of knowledge naturally strives for truth,and is not content with common opinion,but soars with undimmed and unwearied passion until he grasps the essential nature of things...” ~ PLATO

Does Scenar therapy need any special knowledge or training

For immediate use – very little. The instruction manual will give enough basic information to begin using your home (and Professional Scenar) quickly and effectively. Our DVD will give the user a good basic understanding in the overall way that this powerful therapy can be applied.

How Can I learn more?
By attending on our training courses and subscribing to our members area – giving new techniques and information each month. By joining one of the many user groups and forums available – see website for details.

Can I treat animals with my Scenar device?
We do not recommend that you treat animals regularly with the same device that you treat yourself or other people with. There are a number of issues – hygiene being one. For the regular treatment of animals you also need to be qualified as a vet; treatment of your pet in emergency situation is perfectly ok. 

Can I take my Scenar abroad?
We have always taken our devices abroad with no problem. We have yet to hear from anyone who has encountered a problem.


Is it ok for my Scenar to go through X-ray scanning devices?
All of our RITMEDIC devices have been through these scanning methods over many years with no apparent negative effects.

What type of battery is required for the Home and Professional devices?
We recommend Duracell ( Plus or M3 ) batteries for use with these products. The Home device requires one 9 Volt battery, the Professional requires three 1.5 volt AA batteries.

How long will the batteries last?
Typically the batteries will last between two and twelve months depending on usage. The RITMEDIC Scenar devices are extremely efficient as compared with other reverse engineered devices. Our experience is that when a device is powered by a Duracell battery and used for one hour daily, you can expect to be still using the device in three months time. We have reports of devices still working after 12 months when used several times a week!

Can I use rechargeable batteries?
Not recommended.

When should I not use my Scenar device?
The RITMEDIC Scenar device has been used effectively and safely since inception. Contra-indications for use are as follows:
Pacemaker or electrically controlled implant
Serious heart conditions: Arial fibrillation (rapid heart beat), arrhythmia
Undiagnosed pain
Illegal drug dependants


Can I let other people use my Scenar device?
Not recommended unless they are close family members or friends.

What is the simple explanation of how a genuine Scenar device works?
The Scenar is a non-invasive, safe method of regulating homeostasis (body function), stimulating the Central Nervous System. The device re-educates and encourages the body to powerfully use its own internal pharmacy of bioactive substances, especially neuro-peptides.  

What benefits can be achieved by using the additional probes (attachments)?
Detachable electrodes considerably enhance the capabilities of the device, improving its therapeutic effect, and make the user's work easier in areas of difficult access. E.g. the hair probe can be used to treat over the scalp or hairy areas of the body. Advanced techniques use this probe to produce effects such as ‘needling’. 

What conditions can the Scenar treat?
In the UK and Europe the device is licensed for pain relief only; in the USA it is licensed for pain relief and muscle re-education. The device by its very nature of stimulating the Central Nervous System (proven by numerous studies in Russia) affects all body systems and thus helps to re-educate and promote health at a local as well as general level.

Can the Scenar bring on a ‘healing crisis’?
Occasionally a mild healing crisis may occur with normal use, but unlikely if the correct procedures are followed. 

What is a ‘healing crisis’?
A healing crisis is a situation where the body tries to eliminate toxins faster than it can dispose of them. This may result in a low energy and a general sense of being somewhat unwell, this is a temporary reaction that typically can last from a few hours up to 3 days. Such reactions can start immediately after a treatment or take place days or weeks into treatment has started.  It is a necessary reaction as the body regenerates and cleanses itself of unwanted stressors – toxins, emotions and trauma’s. It is also known as the Herxheimer Reaction or Detox reaction.

What is Herring’s Law?
The body will heal from the head down, from the inside out and in the reverse order of disease. This will happen in stages, over time, and there would be times of strengthening when a person feels really good and times where symptoms would reoccur as the body released toxins with its increased energy.