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Thank you, thank you, thank you. Good luck on your journey. You’ve really helped mine.  Mrs R Forde (Scenar training I)

Confident, enthusiastic & motivating presentation. Kept the class  relaxed which leads to better learning.  Mr P Lowe
(Scenar training I)

Thank you so much for an interesting and life changing experience. Ms J Methven (Scenar training I)
Excellent, many thanks. Mr C Declan (Scenar training I)
'I was knocked over while standing in a ski queue 4 years ago resulting in a torn medial and posterior cruciate ligament in my left knee. The Austrian Doctor wanted to operate immediately which I politely refused.  I was less polite when he approached me with a hypodermic full of heparin "to reduce the likelihood of a DVT" and told him I would sort out my own DVT should it happen. He shrugged his shoulders and sent me packing albeit with a very good knee splint without which I would not have managed.  I have had Bowen therapy, Rolfing and Thought Field Therapy all of which have made the problem manageable - but I still had frequent swelling in my knee, quite a lot of discomfort though not permanently and I would find myself limiting my actions to take it into account.
And then I attended a Scenar course with Richard Cumbers in Petersfield.  While practising on me, one of the other attendees found a spot in my left groin that needed 7.5minutes treatment which surprised both of us as I didn't have any problems in that area.  What it did do was pretty well clear up all the problems in my knee as if by magic - and proved to me the profound effects of Scenar therapy.  And that was just ONE treatment! I now have my own Pro model and will be using it on a huge variety of ailments within my Bowen practice and look forward to more magical results'

Erica Moss
(Scenar training I)

Well done. It was invigorating, enlightening, informative and educational. Dr M Kaur  (Scenar training I)

Thank you for the course, huge amount of information, 2 intensive useful days! Dr Fábio Luiz Vieira (Scenar training 2)

Very well presented and good pace of content. Ms E Scremin  (Scenar training I)
Great !  Thanks Richard. Mrs R Samet  (Scenar training I)

Thank you for an incredible two days, I look forward to our next get together. Mr Graham Neville (Scenar training 2)
After the treatment I received during your training, I noticed a marked improvement afterwards, and realised I lacked some very important 'basics' before.  It is now two weeks after the training, I have used the Scenar approximately every 2nd or 3rd day, and my condition is pretty much recovered.  I am now eating virtually what I like and no longer suffer from adverse symptoms, even though the Scenar diagnostics mode suggests there is still something in the background which I will continue to treat.  I am now about to start treating my hip, again with the Scenar, and am optimistic about what the results will be.
I have also got good results on other people with the following conditions - recurring backache and stiffness in the neck, which seems to have made a full recovery (at least for now), an infected tooth cavity which caused facial swelling and would otherwise have needed facial surgery (the x-rays showed surprising bone regrowth following Scenar treatment), deafness caused by sinus problems (still ongoing but improved), and a dislocated thumb on a 92 year old lady (my Nan!)  Someone at my brother's workplace burned their hand in an accident and was surprised at the speed he healed following Scenar therapy.

One characteristic of the Scenar is the 'healing crisis' that may occur when chronic conditions are treated.  After treatment, some symptoms seem to aggravate for about a day or so afterwards before subsiding, and too much treatment can cause short-term tiredness.   This is documented in the Scenar manual, and seems a normal part of the healing process.  I once received acupuncture treatment which also seemed to have this effect on my hip injury, and I stopped attending almost immediately because I thought it made my condition worse.

Best wishes, James Corbishley. (Scenar training I)

Thank you so much for your fantastic overview of the NES system and how you can use it together with other therapies - you really know your stuff !

Suzy Dean  (NES training overview)

I just want to express my thanks for your all your care on Saturday whilst I was undergoing the nasty/ good reaction I had to the Water Melon treatment. You went out of your way to give me all the help and support that I needed and made me feel very safe despite the feelings I was experiencing of being out of control. You are a very giving and caring person, Richard: nothing seems to be too much trouble for you –God bless you for that. I feel kind of lighter in my body, somehow more confident, and clear headed). Thank you so much.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel even more enthused now to go out and help people. I‘ve already told several more people about the Scenar and have recommended two people to you who have serious problems: one severe case of M.E. and another young lady who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
I would like to give something back to say thanks and wondered if there is anything I could do, voluntarily, to help you in the practice.

Thank you so much
Kind regards and many blessings

Tisha Every (Scenar training 2)

Just wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with me on monday. I really appreciated it and found it fascinating and informative. It was really kind of you to give up so much time (not to mention giving the remedies to me!).

Sharon Graham  (NES / Scenar overview)

Excellent course - I have learnt a lot.

A Chester  (Scenar training I)

Many thanks for a brill. level 2 training & the pro device which I am starting to use today. The experience of Tish's healing crisis & your expertise in the handling of it - was valuable for me to witness, especially coming from such a conventional medical background.... always learning & v v keen to do so! 

Looking forward to level 3 in July.

Sylvia McIntyre (Devon PCT)  (Scenar training 2)

Great !

M Aston (scenar training I)

Very interesting, learned a lot , looking forward to next level, good sized group - just about right.

Lorraine Jenkins
(scenar training I)