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Healing Blanket

The energizing blanket is aimed at treatment and prevention of troubles in the functional systems of the human body.

The blanket consists of shielding layers of 1 micron thickness, made of synthetic metallized film.  The shielding layer on the patient's side is intended for reflection of electro-magnetic radiation in infrared and extremely high-frequency ranges.

This blanket may be used in combined therapy of a wide range of diseases, as well as additional method for psycho-emotional regulation, sleep improvement, better resistance to stressful influences, muscular pressure disease and for reduction in doses of drugs. It may be used in hospitals and other medical institutions as well as at home.

All living beings on the Earth live in the ocean of endless streams of matter, energy and information. The rapid growth of informational bioenergetics, a science of the energy-informational exchange between a human person and the environment, presents a natural step forward in the progression of knowledge. The huge amount of research into informational bioenergetics - by specialists from  Russia, USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, India and other countries - demonstrates the growing contribution of bioenergetic ap­plications to better personal health, safety, and physical performance, as well as to higher efficacy in saving the clinical expenditures of work­ing time, energy and materials.

Designed by the Russian specialists, the Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket TMB-01 represents a special category of medical devices, whose action is based upon the principles of bioenergetics and knowl­edge of the inherent body mechanisms functioning as an integral self-regulating system. The first fundamental works on investigating the approaches and elaborating the devices of this type was carried out by Wilhelm Reich and his colleagues in 1930s-l950s, first in the universities of Copenhagen and Oslo, and then, after he moved to the U.S.A., in a New-York research center.

The key part of these devices is an encapsulated chamber in­tended to create artificial localized ecological conditions for the patient's body, or a part of their body. The specific properties of this chamber provide the desired activation of the body's self-regulative and self-recovering mechanisms.Nowadays most intensive researches in this field are carried out in the U.S.A. (Biophysical Research Laboratory, El Kerrito, Cali­fornia), in Western Europe (Wilhelm Reich Institute, Berlin), and in the Russian Federation (Victoria TM Research Center, Taganrog). Unlike their western colleagues, the Russian specialists ap­proached the problem in terms of subjecting the living organism to subtle factors of biophysical nature. Designed in the Victoria TM's R&D Division the Therapeutic Blanket TMB-01 became a distinctly new informational bioenergetic therapeutic tool, acting, as it does on one level, by reflecting infrared and extra-high frequency emis­sions back onto the patients body.

The Adaptive Body Activity concept implemented by TMB-01, has allowed a broad clinical utilization of informational bioenergetic principles, substantial enhancement of the beneficial effect and a vast widening of the scope of  the blankets therapeutic applications. Designed as a result of many years research and development work in the field of bio resonance therapy, the TMB blanket is manufactured under the license No.42/97-068-0046 by the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation and covered by patent No.2053804.

The Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket TMB-01 presents a combination of several specific membranes, which produce the desired integral therapeutic effect. The specifically designed film membrane inside the blanket prevents the patient's body electromagnetic emissions
from dissipating outwards. The relected energy causes a redistribution of the charge density thus causing therapeutic action on biologically active areas allowing correction of asymmetries and informational faults in the systems controlling homeostasis.

The clinical tests performed in the leading research institutes of the RAMS has shown vast potential of TMB-01 in a great range of applications in clinical practice. "The device exerts a beneficial effect on all patients during and following the therapeutic procedure" (from the conclusion by the Institute of General Pathology and Patho-physiology of the RAMS).  "... the therapeutic multilayer blanket meets the requirements of modern clinical practice. It is simple and convenient in operation, and produce no discomfort or dislike in a patient" (conclusion by the Russian Research Center of Rehabilitation and Physiology).

The extended clinical validation has proved the high efficiency of activation TMB-therapy. The statistical therapeutically outcomes of the TMB-treatment based upon application of the TMB-01 blanket procedure during the period of 1993-1997 .

 Disease category Improvement % Partial Improvement % Unchanged %
 Cardiovascular46 48 
 Respiratory 82108
 Digestive 76 24 
 Musculoskeletal 58420
 Involution disorders404020
 Metabloic disorders75205
 Neuroses7116 13 
 Psychiatric disordes74547
 Brain disorders and trauma8317 
 Peripheral nervous system disorders9280
 Autonomic nervous system disorders84140

All information supplied by Dr Iolanta from the Middleberg conference in The Netherlands April 2008. See picture gallery.

All TMB blankets purchased through us will qualify the purchaser for access to our video training section on this site and our sister site  coming October 2008. This will include an introduction to our ' energetic toolbox' - a fusion of affordable technologies for accelerated healing.You get our expertise when  you buy with us!

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