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Scenar History

The Scenar, Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation, was invented in the late 70’s in the Soviet Union as a response to a major problem related to the space race – namely how could the Russians treat their Cosmonauts in space, where conditions render pharmaceutical treatments impractical, if they became injured or fell ill. It was also understood that the Americans were developing re-usable shuttle technology while the Russians would rely on solid fuel booster technology. In a space station environment this meant that if an astronaut was ill and could not be treated effectively a rescue mission from earth would be relatively easy to accomplish; shuttles are much easier to lauch that  solid fuel rockets. Perhaps from this basis it is easier to understand how much importance the Russians place on Scenar development.

The brief given to a group of top Soviet doctors and scientists was to develop a hand-held device that met the following requirments:

  • Light weight
  • Extremely portable
  • Minimal energy requirement
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Minimal training
  • Produced diagnostics
  • Produced rapid pain relief
  • Produced powerful healing results

After a huge investment and ten years of development (although never published the develpopment costs are though to have been in excess of 50 million USD) the SCENAR was born.  The Scenar technology fulfilled all of the technical and practical requirements that had been set - and much more. It was so successful that the two engineers responsible for devloping the complex software were awarded the order of Lenin – the Soviet equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

With the break up of the Soviet Union the technology was de-classified and became available to the Russian medical profession, spreading to the west via the UK in 1998.Today it is used by thousands of doctors, complmentary health practitioners, specialised  scenar therapists, chiropracters, osteopaths, massage therpaists and an incresing number of the general public and other healing professions. The Scenar technology gained approval in Europe and the USA for pain relief and muscle re-education. As we know, however, from the Russian experience and results being achieved by scenar users around the world, pain relief is but one of the wonderful results that the Scenar is capable of. Please see, for example, our testamonials from medical doctors.

Wide scale adoption of the technology  was slow for a number of reasons. The politics of how the Scenar should be introduced were problematic and a number of entrepreneurs attempted to reverse engineer the product causing concern among medical professionals. One of the biggest hurdles was the lack of comphrenive training and support (with most documents being in Russian) so distribution was very limited.
In an attempt to overcome these problems , Ritmedic, the only official European manufacturer was set up in the Netherlands by Jan de Jong. Ritmedic produce the highest quality scenar devices with CE certification.(The Ritmedic devices are the only genuine scenar devices produced in the world with CE certification - it is a requirement in the EEC that medical devices can only be used if they have a CE mark). In addition they also set up training programs aimed at health professionals in the Netherlands. 21st Century Energy Medicine have developed training programs in association with Ritmedic and are the only official distributor of their products in the UK, also supplying their expertise to the rest of the world. The latest Ritmedic scenar devices are the culmination of over 40 years of on-going development.

Picture shows Jan de Jong and Dr Marina Kuimcheva in Vlissingen 2006.

Scenar history summary:

  • Initially top secret research for treating cosmanauts in space
  • Up to 100 doctors and scientists took part
  • Russian radio-engineering institute were involved
  • Based on understanding of Chinese and Ayuverdic medicine
  • Scenar designed to measure skin impedance and mimic nerve impulses
  • Professor Alexander Karosev credited with the invention of Scenar 1979
  • Electronics and software designed by Ganadi Fursov and Alexander Nadtotschij - order of Lenin received
  • Deveopment of technology accelerated by Professor Alexander Revenko and Dr Yuri Gorfinkel
  • Alexander Revenko's methodoly became known as 'Objective mode' - scenar takes readings from the skin
  • Dr Yuri Gorfinkel's methodology became know as 'Subjective mode' - scenar is brushed over the skin

  • 1980  OKB RITM set up in Russia to manage Scenar development
  • 1993 First Scenar clinic opened in Russia
  • 1994 First Scenar conference
  • 1996 Scenar becoming popular in Russian speaking countries
  • 1998 First International training conference took place in Nassau, Bahamas
  • 1999 Ritmedic set up in The Netherlands to produce Scenar with CE certification

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