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Home Scenar

home_scenars.jpgThe Pain Genie home Scenar device uses the latest technology developed by OKB RITM who also designed the RITM SCENAR professional.

Both these genuine scenar devices are manufactured in The Netherlands and are fully tested by the British Standards Institutions and granted a CE mark (safety certification) by this "notified body" for use throughout the European Union to relieve pain and to manage a variety of pain-related pathologies.

The Pain Genie home device can be used at home, during business trips, when traveling by plane, train, boat, etc. to relieve any pain and to reduce traumatic pain. In Russia it is also used to treat burns and frostbites, to treat respiratory diseases (rhinitis, tonsillitis, etc.). It is also used in many emergency situations, while awaiting medical attendance.
The home device is designed to be operated by non-medical home users as well as by therapists, doctors and medical staff. The particular difference between the professional device and the home device is that the home device has fewer and more easily chosen automatic modes and output signal variants.

New techniques and methods of using the home scenar device will be published regulary on our sister site .Free access to our members area with every device.

Technical information:

Power supply: 9 volt alkaline battery.
Maximum consumed current,not more than 60 mA.

Continuous modes of influence:

14, 60, 90 and 340 Hz -
continuous with modulation
Frequency modulation range 30-120-30 Hz.
Amplitude modulation.
Dosage indication.
Power supply: 9V battery.

This is an ideal pocket companion for clients of Scenar therapists to use at home and away from home to complement their existing professional treatment regimes.

As one of our clients remarked ' I never leave home without it - it's helped me and many of my friends so much over the years'.

See demo below by our sister company Pain Genie

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PAIN GENIE Home Scenar + membership area
PAIN GENIE Home Scenar + membership area
Pain Genie Home Scenar, Training Manual, 24 month product warranty, Training DVD - introduction to Scenar, Email and telephone support available, £50 off any training course, valid for 12...
Our price: £459.00
Scenar Home device training DVD
Scenar Home device training DVD
The first Scenar training DVD (with simplified manual) showing how to get the best out of your Scenar Home device, only available through Pain Genie Ltd. Click DVD image for more information. I...
Our price: £69.00
You are viewing results 1 to 2 of 2