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Low Level Laser


Soft Laser for Both Hard & Soft Tissue - Q1000

Features computer-controlled energy output which stays constant and is essential to avoid the body’s tendency to polarize against fluctuating energy sources, uses patented 'Soliton wave' technology that allows the small energy light to travel widely through the body.



  • 20 diodes –12 true LASER diodes 8 LEDs
  • 20 diodes in the Q1000 deliver 7 different wavelengths (nanometers) simultaneously with Blue, red, and infrared output
  • Delivers resonating subtle energies to embrace and heal cells
  • Q1000 is the power source for our two Enhancer Probes
  • Re-chargeable Smart Lithium Ion battery provides approximately 200 minutes before charging (over 65 timed treatments)
  • Size of a cordless telephone headset
  • 2-year warranty standard - 5 year warranty available


Q1000 offers 7 different treatment modes:

  • Mode 1: for pain, inflammation, burns, tendon, ligament, and bone injuries
  • Mode 2: for the heart and brain
  • Mode 3: 29 different frequencies beneficial to glands and organs
  • Mode 4:   Anti-aging mode:  Anti-aging, dandruff, hair treatments, scaly skin, psoriasis, scars, varicose veins, wrinkles
  • Mode 5: Universal Healing Code:   Excellent results with stroke patients, heart and vascular concerns, ADD and even was a miracle for a client with convulsions.   Massage therapists will follow a mode 1 treatment with a mode 5 treatment to smooth out the edges in the energetic field
  • Mode 6:  Seratonin/Dopamine mode- Useful to gradually reduce meds.   Some Q1000 users have reported help with sleeping by placing on gut or head before they got to bed
  • Mode 7:  Infection, mold and yeast: 8 frequencies known to assist immune system to deal with these areas.  

Please e-mail for price list.