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Recommended Sites:        related site dedicated to the home scenar device and pain resolution   some of the best news for natural health on the net         great health info and products              excellent information on magnesium and other cancer protocols         truth in medicine and truth in europe     excellent interviews on variety of topics, including health

Recommended Reading:

book_virtual_medicine.jpgvirtual medicine - keith scott mumby

book_energy_medicine.jpgenergy medicine - James oshman

book_vibrational_medicine.jpgVibrational Medicine - Richard Gerber

book_body_electric.jpgThe Body Electric - Rober Becker


The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton


The Tao of Physics - Fritjof Capra


Aggressive Health - Mike Nash


Big Pharma - Jacky Law

CD / DVDs:

new physics of healing - Deepak Chopra