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Scenar training voucher

Scenar training voucher
Price: £350.00 Ex VAT: £291.67
Price includes all training materials, manuals and slides. Light refreshments are always available. Training courses are conducted in leading natural health clinics. All UK Foundation courses are run in Petersfield, Hants. Level II , Cosmetology (non surgical face lift) and special techniques will be run in Petersfield unless otherwise indicated. All students will experience the amazing healing power of Scenar and fusion technologies.

“As a healer and complimentary practitioner it has shown me totally new avenues I have never come across before …. I have had a shoulder problem since the age of 5 , I have tried chiropractic, osteopathy, cranial, cranial sacral, homeopathy, massage therapy – you name it try and resolve this problem.
Within 5 minutes [on this course] today this problem has been resolved for the first time since I was 5 years of age” 

Marie Donnahoe.